1. Truth and Consequence.

    I was always told that love was honest, loyal, and selfless but it is starting to seem like that isn’t love at all. Love feels like a lie to keep the the mind at ease. A dance in circles to keep you too dizzy to see what’s right in front of you. Selfishness toward keeping yourself happy no matter what it means to the person your with. There are no happy endings. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There are sleepless nights and endless tears. Pulling out your hair because there is always something in the wrong place. When you find yourself fearing the worst and everywhere you turn the signs. You don’t want to believe it but you can’t look away. Love is a fucking car accident on the freeway. No one survives. 


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    House Of 1000 Corpses (2003)

    Directed by Rob Zombie

    Two couples traveling across the backwoods of Texas searching for urban legends of murder end up as prisoners of a bizarre and sadistic backwater family of serial killers.



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    I have a rather cute boyfriend (:

    He’s alright.

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  5. I’m gonna start a group called BAJF or Boyfriends Against James Franco. You beautiful bastard.


  6. My first real attempt at spoken word, of course I’m too nervous to record it so I figured this is the next best thing.






  11. Live Evil Attire

    officially made a page for my clothes. Go follow that shit for news.






  14. I can’t sleep at 3:30 Am so this is what I do.


  15. Live Evil